What is the advantage of doing Roof Inspection?

Our LeakFREE® Roof Inspection and Certification provides affordable home and business roof integrity confidence for home buyers, home sellers, investors, business owners, and professional realtors! It is virtually risk-free, and helps buyers and sellers come to terms quickly.

Do I need Roof Inspection besides Home Inspection?

The Home Inspection is too general to uncover many of the roof problems, and the report typically avoids an opinion on the roof by simply recommending follow-on inspection by a roofing professional. A Certified Roof Inspection is highly recommended in addition to Home Inspection to ensure that your roof has no hidden problems and is guaranteed to be leak-free.

While a home inspection limits its opinion to current findings, a LeakFREE® Roof Inspection and Certification can tell you that the roof is very unlikely to have any leaks during the certification period (up to 5 years.) Before certifying a roof, we use our patent-pending roof inspection process. If we uncover any existing problems or find any areas requiring preventative maintenance, those repairs have to be performed before we will issue the certification. 

Our Roof Inspection is an enhancement to the Home Inspection process.  We frequently collaborate with Home Inspection Firms, Home Warranty Companies, and Pest Control Experts to provide complete peace of mind. 

How is LeakFREE® Roof Certification different than the certification offered by other companies?

NRCIA is the leading National Association for Roofing Certification and Inspection in USA. No other roof warranty beats NRCIA's LeakFREE® Roof Certification. Our warranty means that your roof will not leak for up to 5 years, or we will do the repairs for free if the cause of the leak is from normal wear-and-tear or something we missed. The LeakFREE® Roof Certification is renewable and transferable to new home owner. 

Do you offer Warranty for Roof Repair?

Roof repairs and Roof replacements performed by our team come with our standard LeakFREE® Certification and Warranty, nationally recognized by the NRCIA.

Do you credit Roof Inspection Fees?

We charge minimal roof inspection fee with option to credit the fee towards repairs, roof replacement, and LeakFREE® Certification and Warranty.

Is Roof Inspection report part of the closing process?

Roof Inspection report is only accessible by the client requesting the inspection, and is not part of closing process; the client controls the informative report and it is not part of the documentation or history of the home or business.

Do you offer customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services consultants are available to answer your questions anytime. Just contact us